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Maybe this world is new to you; maybe you manage an advocacy organization and are looking for an edge; maybe you ran a successful digital organizing campaign at a local level and are trying to figure out how to scale your work to a statewide election. (If so – congrats on the promotion!)

No matter where you are in this process, The Tuesday Company can help you improve your digital campaign infrastructure, so we can all help get the right people elected.

Now In Team: Friend-to-Peer Messaging

Friend-to-Peer messaging is now live in Team. From sharing an organization’s message to recruiting volunteers for upcoming events, we know that passionate supporters want to do everything they can to help. By permitting supporters to build and own new relationships with people in their communities, Friend-to-Peer takes digital organizing one giant leap forward.  Continue reading “Now In Team: Friend-to-Peer Messaging”

The Tuesday Company partners with Organizing Empowerment Project

Since our company’s beginning, we’ve operated with the assumption that the best practices of community organizing are rooted in trust. When passionate supporters talk to friends and family about the candidates or causes that they care about, they become trusted messengers who’s messages are able to cut through the noise to stand out.

This method of community outreach, also called relational organizing, helps organizations reach more supporters than ever before. Our digital community building tool, Team, brings relational programs into the digital space to scale this work. In order to build on the successes of past relational organization programs, The Tuesday Company is excited to announce our partnership with Organizing Empowerment Project.  Continue reading “The Tuesday Company partners with Organizing Empowerment Project”

Organizing during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus is officially a pandemic.

The stock market saw its most significant single-day drop in more than two decades, the NBA season is suspended, Amazon is out of hand sanitizer, and the list of major events that were cancelled or moved online continues to grow.

The coronavirus crisis is a threat to civic engagement of all types and smart organizers are strategizing right now about how this pandemic will impact traditional grassroots mobilization efforts. Door knocking, rallies, and town halls are all excellent opportunities for a highly contagious illness to spread. To keep up momentum during this critical time, we have to think creatively and strategically about what civic engagement will look like without in-person interactions and events. Continue reading “Organizing during the coronavirus pandemic”

Now In Team: Clipboard Canvassing

ClipboardCanvassingConversations don’t always happen online – they happen at street corners, churches, subway stations, and worksites too. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Team now allows users to speak to anyone, anywhere, and get that data back to the cause, union, or candidate immediately.

The days of manually entering messy, handwritten data collected on paper are gone! Clipboard Canvassing empowers supporters on Team with an easy and efficient way to add new information directly into their organization’s  target universe within seconds.

With Clipboard Canvassing, Team Dashboard Administrators can prompt their supporters to conduct in-person canvassing to help ensure the organization’s message reaches the broadest possible audience. 

In the spirit of meeting people where they are, we built this new functionality for advocacy organizations looking to acquire new volunteers by empowering their existing Team users to have face-to-face conversations anywhere, anytime. 

Clipboard Canvassing answers the specific request of our electoral clients to make door knocking more efficient and effective. With this new feature, Team users can “reverse knock” in apartment complexes and neighborhoods with incomplete data we now suddenly have the ability to speak to everyone and record every interaction seamlessly. 

How will you use Clipboard Canvassing? Share your strategy with us @tuesdaycompany or hello@tuesdaycompany.com Can’t wait to learn about your use case! 

Team is Compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act

Team is fully compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). 

The CCPA aims to enhance privacy rights by empowering Californians to understand what personal data is being collected about them, to know whether their data is being sold, to access their own personal data, and, ultimately, to request that their data be deleted.

We prioritized building new features that place all Team users, not only Californians, in charge of their own data. We did this to ensure that we continue to offer our users the best-in-class privacy and security measures.
Continue reading “Team is Compliant with the California Consumer Privacy Act”

Announcing The Tuesday Company and America Votes Partnership Winners!

We’re proud to announce that The Tuesday Company partnered with America Votes to make Team available to member organizations looking to scale their organizing online in 2020. We specifically sought organizations and/or programs that already have supporters, and demonstrated the desire to acquire more through relational organizing. Winners of the RFP made clear their organization priority to engage and activate supporters in long-term, movement-building work.  Continue reading “Announcing The Tuesday Company and America Votes Partnership Winners!”

VoteWithMe Announcement

We are very excited to share that The Tuesday Company has acquired VoteWithMe.

Logos_VWM by Tuesday.png

In an age where the news cycle feels overwhelming and disinformation spreads fast, voter-to-voter contact will be the most crucial tactic to shoring up support in 2020. We are thrilled to merge the two most successful relational voter contact products under one roof, to better serve progressive campaigns and causes.

Since 2016, thousands of campaigns and organizations used our flagship product, Team, to connect with their supporters online. Team quickly became the leading tool to manage organizer-supporter relationships, and to provide supporters with tangible ways to take action within their own communities.

Continue reading “VoteWithMe Announcement”