Tuesday Tips: How to Embrace Facebook as a Campaign Platform

Embracing social media platforms’ unique capabilities can help campaigns optimize their voter outreach. Campaigns should build robust profiles and post clear, persuasive content that delivers a candidate’s vision. Be strategic about how and when you post and collect actionable feedback on social engagement: every like and share can inform and enhance future outreach.

Here’s how campaigns embrace social media and reach more voters:

1) Be strategic about mobile compatibility, audience, and timing.

Campaigns should work to post easily digestible messages with a healthy frequency. A little goes a long way in tailoring posts to the platform itself. Mobile-first ads, for example, are watched for longer and are more memorable than ads subsequently adapted to mobile, according to the Facebook Data Team. Facebook also shows that over 85% of users do not use sound on videos, which is probably why including captions on videos increases view time by an average of 12%.

2) Track engagement about what messaging resonates and why

Facebook can help campaigns track engagement with posts to identify what kind of messages drive engagement with their constituents. Campaigns should pay attention to what kind of content resonates with voters online and look for data tools like the Team App that help break down which voters engage with which content. This information can help campaigns understand and engage their target universe in real-time.

3) Leverage data to optimize your voter outreach and ad buys

Boost campaign reach by following-up with target audiences through Facebook ad buys that integrate lessons-learned from previous content engagement. Campaigns should look for integrated tools that leverage data impressions in message targeting. Tailoring ad buys with actionable data can help enhance your impact and make outreach more cost-effective. 

Check out this page for more info on how Tuesday can help campaigns harness organic engagement to optimize digital outreach, and see below for other installments in our Tuesday Tips series:

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