How We Think About Data Security

Democracy depends on the free and easy movement of ideas; it depends on having a space to share thoughts and facts. In an ever-more digitized world, online communities have become an essential locus of political engagement. The public sphere today, in its truest sense, exists online. Rather than hide from this reality, we believe that it is imperative to empower volunteers to participate in this forum in ways that are meaningful for the candidates and causes they care about.

Our voter contact app, Team, allows volunteers to access their own Facebook data in order to facilitate sincere conversations about civic life between friends.

Team does not scrape any Facebook data. Instead, we offer Team users the opportunity to marshal their own networks and the information that is already accessible–information they, not Facebook, own–to them more powerfully and productively.

We help users identify which of their friends are engaging with issues they care about. We then encourage and empower users to join these conversations and share their thoughts civilly and effectively.

Our public discourse is fractured, but it doesn’t need to be this way. Facebook has recently changed their News Feed algorithm to prioritize communication from friends and family over paid ads. This fits perfectly with Team’s vision of the digital sphere as a public forum, where ideas and perspectives that matter to you, not an advertiser, can be espoused responsibly and in good faith.

We do this work because we believe Facebook is the closest thing to a public commons that exists today. This is the predominant space where citizens engage. We built Team to meet people where they are.

Team enables volunteers to use their data to support their preferred candidates and promote issues that they are passionate about. Team is a tool for the digital world, and we have worked hard to make it respect our users’ needs for both agency and privacy. For us, this means that Team should help volunteers take control of their own data, and use that power as they see fit.

That is our vision. We want to empower everyone to use their data to elevate political discourse in the digital sphere. We know it’s possible. Join Team to see for yourself.

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