Team Tips #2: Using Team

You’re on Team! Congratulations! Now, you’re ready to take control over your own data and network, by volunteering on social media. In this post, we’ll outline how to make your voice heard in the most impactful ways. Specifically, we’ll cover sharing content and sending personal messages to individual friends. Both of these methods have proven to increase support for candidates and causes you care about.

Team empowers you to concretely impact elections by:

Sharing Campaign Content on Facebook

The changes to the Facebook News Feed have made this process even more valuable to campaigns. Facebook has decided to amplify your voice over that of advertisers, Team allows you harness that power in service of campaigns. On to the how to:

Once you’ve selected the campaigns and organizations you want to volunteer for, you’ll see some clickable campaign content items under the “Watch & share” section of the home screen.

  • Tap on one of the items there to check out the video.
  • We never post on your behalf. And you should only post what you want your network to see. So be sure to read the full suggested message by scrolling through the post window and watch the video (or review the graphic) too.
  • After reviewing the text, video, and/or graphic, paste and post it to Facebook!
  • You’ll receive a notification when a new content item is ready to be shared, so keep a lookout.

And in the meantime, head back to the home screen to continue volunteering by…

Messaging Friends about the Campaign

According to studies from the Analyst Institute, friend-to-friend messaging is the most impactful form of volunteer campaigning. Team can help you here too:

  • Back on the home screen, you might see a list of friends to contact under the “Message your friends” banner.
  • These are folks whose contact information you have saved in your phone, and so their names should appear as they do in your contacts. Don’t worry if there aren’t any friends listed in this section initially. If you don’t see any friends at first, be sure to check back in a couple days to get messaging!
  • Once you do see friends in this space, click on one of their names and a window will open up with a pre-composed message shared by your campaign organizer, ready for you to send along.
  • Edit the message to reflect your voice—just be sure that the message doesn’t stray too far for the campaign’s point.
  • When you have the perfect message, just select one of the four options below the text box to send you message via text, phone call, email, or Facebook Messenger and share!

Now that you’ve passed the message along to friends, head back over to Team to confirm you’ve successfully contacted that friend!

Logging this information is incredibly important for campaigns. To learn more about how to be as helpful as you can, check back in for the next installment of Team Tips!

Check out our previous tip here! Team Tips #1: Joining Team

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