Team Tip #3: Reviewing Outreach

If you’re here, you’ve done the hard part. You’ve downloaded Team, created an account, found your friends, and shared an urgent message from one of your Teams to your friends. You’ve found a way to support the campaigns and causes you care about digitally. . But don’t pat yourself on the back just, yet because there is one more essential step: review your outreach with the campaign!

It’s great that you shared your message with friends, but knowing how those friends respond to the message can be the most useful part of the process. The organizations you support, your Teams, count on your help to know what matters to their constituents. Reviewing your outreach helps them understand what messages are most effective, and build a campaign platform with these lessons in mind.

So don’t just think your job is done once you reach out to your friends. Instead, head back over to the home screen where you’ll see a new banner that reads, “Review previous outreach.” You can fill this out once your friend responds and/or once you’ve follow up with them to make sure they’ve done what you asked them to do in the message, like register to vote or repost something on social media.

Once you’ve gathered all the necessary information to offer feedback, go back to the “Review previous outreach” section and click on your friend’s name. You’ll be taken to a section called “Review,” where there is a quick questionnaire to complete.

From time to time, campaigns will ask for other forms of feedback. For example, you might be asked to tell a campaign a bit more about a friend who engages with the campaign content you post on Facebook. To respond to these requests, just select one of your friends’ names under the “Tell us more” banner. You’ll be asked a question like whether or not you believe this person is eligible to vote in the upcoming election. Your answers to questions like these help the campaign understand whether your friend is also someone they should be talking to about the issues you care about.

Team is designed to empower you to use all your own information in service of the campaigns and causes that matter to you. These tips have been a guide to help you be an effective volunteer. We’re constantly working on ways to improve this process though, so be sure to continue to check back again soon for more tips and tricks!

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