Staffer Guide #1: Campaign Management

Team allows campaigns to build out their digital volunteering function simply and easily, but to most effectively use these volunteers, campaign staff need to be familiar with the Team Dashboard.

Think of the Dashboard as mission control for your digital campaigning outfit. There are two key ways for digital volunteers to help spread your message: by sharing campaign content on their Facebook pages and through direct, friend-to-friend outreach. You can facilitate both from the Campaign Management tab.

Team allows volunteers to share campaign-approved content on their Facebook walls, accompanied by text that you suggest. You can make these asks via the “Share New Content” window in the Campaign Management tab.

As the Facebook algorithm has evolved over the last few months, users are seeing more posts from friends, fewer ads and sponsored content. With this paradigm shift, the best—not to mention the cheapest—way to get your target voters to see your campaign content on Facebook is to have their friends share it.

While interaction with campaign content on Facebook is invaluable, research from the Analyst Institute shows that the single most effective technique to get a target voter to cast a vote in your favor is through friend-to-friend outreach. Which is to say that views and interactions that are relational, i.e. when the content comes from someone the voter knows rather than from an ad, is the single most valuable tool in a digital organizer’s toolbox. Team also facilitates these sorts of conversations between your volunteers and their friends (your voters!) by prompting Team users to reach out directly via text, emails, Facebook messenger or phone calls.

You can upload targeted asks into the “Start New Conversation” section of the Campaign Management tab at any time. As new volunteers download Team, their phone contacts will be added to our system and matched against your target lists. You can even tailor specific messages to specific target lists.

Just as you would arm street canvassers with literature and talking points, Team offers campaign staffers the opportunity to put their digital canvassers in the best possible position to succeed.

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