Staffer Guide 2: Keeping your Digital Infrastructure Organized

Essential to any powerful and efficient digital campaign outlet is prime organization. We told you briefly before about how simple and easy it is to empower your volunteers on Team, but this is all the more instrumental if you can keep track of all of the data. Well, Team does that too!

On the Content tab, the Messages tab, and the Volunteers tab you’ll find metrics, which allow you to understand your content and campaign even better.

Content: Content pushed out on Team reaches your target audience through organic dissemination, allowing your message to spread as far as volunteers are willing to share it. Through the Dashboard, you can also track all content and quickly and effortlessly upload new content, which can prove especially useful for rapid response posts. Team also allows you to improve your target lists, as data is returned directly to Facebook pages you’re using for target audiences, and ID info goes straight into your voter file. The content is the heart of this system, and you can curate it directly in the Dashboard.

Messages: If it isn’t in VAN, it didn’t happen! That’s why we ask your volunteers to both have conversations and report back on how those conversations went. This helps you ID voters and get answers to all your critical survey questions. Data returned to your voter file and displayed on your Dashboard make your program more effective and easier to track than ever.

Volunteers: Your success is measured, in large part, by how many voters you contact. As an organizer, you know that you alone can’t possibly talk to all the voters you want to before November. So, you recruit and train volunteers! With Team, you can bring in more volunteers and research a broader audience of critical voters. Our Dashboard gives you the data to track and manage this digital volunteer army.

Team is a tool that can do more than just get volunteers to share messages. It can help campaigns run smart, data-driven, digital organizing teams. The Team Dashboard sets us apart. The more comfortable you are with the Dashboard, the better you’ll understand the contours of your digital volunteers and how they interact with your target voters. And that’s how to win your race in our digital world.

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