A Space for Direct Mobilization: an app built by organizers for organizers

Renowned community organizer Marshall Ganz recently wrote in The Nation that while “organizing is rooted in our everyday capacity for relating to each other,” it is ultimately about “bringing individuals together to form constituencies exercising their voices.” With about a month left until the 2018 midterm elections, there has never been a more crucial time for campaign organizers to not only manage and engage, but to retain, volunteers in their communities.

Digital organizing apps might be effective at populating online spaces with volunteers, but how can organizers ensure that their volunteers feel personally committed to the cause and connected to the broader campaign community?

The hallmarks of a strong relationship are often trust, communication, accountability, and meaningful engagement. A single community is comprised of thousands of interconnected relationships. This network has the capacity to mobilize people towards real, sustainable change. For decades, grassroots organizers have harnessed the power of direct outreach and relationship-building to catalyze social movements at the local, state, and national level. Digital organizing technology is making this process more efficient and effective than ever.

As an app built by organizers for organizers, Team app is designed with community features that specifically prioritize 1:1 conversations and relationship-building between organizers and their volunteers.

Our new Team Chat feature empowers organizers and field staff to directly mobilize volunteers through more frequent and engaging means of communication. Located at the top right corner of the app home screen, Team Chat is a space for volunteers to ask logistical questions, learn more about the cause, and connect with the campaign on an interpersonal level. By initiating this relationship between the volunteer and the organizer, Team Chat serves as a tool to manage and hold volunteers accountable to tasks and actions that are vital to the cause.

Through Team Chat, volunteers will be able to see the campaign as both a formidable force of social change and as a web of individuals working together towards the same goal.

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