#TeamThoughts with RaCarol Woodard

RaCarol Woodard spent most of her day helping folks “get amped about voting” as a Relational and Digital Organizer for the Victory Tennessee campaign in 2018. Using digital apps like Team have made it easier for her to connect potential volunteers to organizers on the ground:

Screen Shot 2019-02-18 at 3.26.47 PM.png

It’s kind of neat that in this day and age, an app can really push people to not only vote, but to volunteer. To be a good organizer, you need to have a good team. You also need to have a good group of volunteers: people that want to do the job.

People need that personal touch, and this is what gives that personal touch. ‘Hey, I’m your neighbor. Hey, I’m you friend.’ That’s Team. Team is improving the volunteer experience by being involved, amplifying folks to get them engaged, and making folks feel like they’re part of something.

People want to be engaged. That’s why they’re on social media. They want to feel like they’re involved with something. Nowadays, if you want people to come vote for you or help your campaign, you’re going to have to make them feel like they’re a part of something, and Team does that.

I met a young lady who had never voted. I told her about the app, and she said, ‘So this is something that will help me understand my candidate, but also help that person in a campaign?’ It made her feel like she was a part of something.

People want change. Nobody has knocked on their door. Nobody has shown up in their town. I believe people like me, just a nobody, can make a difference. How? By word-of-mouth, connecting people through an app. That’s exactly what Team has tapped into.

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