#TeamThoughts with Terry Jo Vetters Bichell

In addition to her work as a neuroscientist, Dr. Terry Jo Vetters Bichell is a newly elected official in Davidson County, Tennessee. As the second-most populous county in the state, it was a crucial battleground for Democrats looking to flip seats from red-to-blue during the most recent midterm elections:

Screen Shot 2019-02-21 at 4.53.51 PM.png

I work hard for my local Democratic Party, and I know that the conventional way of campaigning is to get a list of phone numbers or addresses, to call people, and to knock on doors. I really feel like it doesn’t make any sense for us to go calling random numbers and knocking on random doors. What does make sense is for us to get ahold of everybody we know.

If somebody you know posts something, or someone you know contacts you about something, then you can really believe in it. We need to have that personal connection, and we need to spread it. The future of Democratic politics is to really use our networks and to make sure that people talk to each other.

I really think that if we want to connect with younger voters, who are obviously the future of the country, we need to do it through our phones. That’s how people are staying connected. I think Team is important because it uses the technology that everybody is using these days.

I use Team in-between meetings, or on an elevator, or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment. I’ll just open my Team app, pull it down, and refresh it to see what tasks are available. It’s a really easy way for me to keep things moving.

We have relatives and friends in every state, and I really think that Team can help me get ahold of all of those different people in all of those different races. What’s so beautiful about the Team app is that it’s basically just helping you remember to get ahold of the people that you already know. Team is anti-spam.

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