Now In Team: Share Drawer

We built Team to help organizations turn their supporters into better stewards. In 2019, stewardship means more than talking to strangers at doors: it means sharing online, to one’s own community. Last year, supporters of our clients used Team to share tens of thousands of pieces of content online using their Facebook walls. But since then, we’ve heard that supporters want to be able to signal boost their causes on more platforms than just Facebook. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce it’s now possible for supporters on Team to share content to anywhere, including Twitter, WhatsApp, SMS, and Facebook Messenger.

We’re excited about this brand new feature because it helps supporters connect with different and even larger audiences. Twitter is powerful for clients who want to support a narrative in press or reach influential commentators. WhatsApp lets folks reach family or friends who aren’t on Facebook. Facebook Messenger and native SMS are powerful for close, sincere conversations about the content. You could even Airdrop the content at people on the subway (which we’ve heard Gen Z really likes to do!) if you have an iOS device. You probably shouldn’t though.

When a supporter shares a piece of content from Team, they guarantee it an audience in their digital community. But that share doesn’t just bring eyeballs, it cosigns the message of the content. An audience is way more likely to watch, engage with, and trust that content than they would were it served to them as an ad. Now, our clients can direct their supporters to share content on virtually any platform. 

If you’re interested in seeing how Team continues to evolve, we’d love to show you. Please reach out to

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