VoteWithMe Announcement

We are very excited to share that The Tuesday Company has acquired VoteWithMe.

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In an age where the news cycle feels overwhelming and disinformation spreads fast, voter-to-voter contact will be the most crucial tactic to shoring up support in 2020. We are thrilled to merge the two most successful relational voter contact products under one roof, to better serve progressive campaigns and causes.

Since 2016, thousands of campaigns and organizations used our flagship product, Team, to connect with their supporters online. Team quickly became the leading tool to manage organizer-supporter relationships, and to provide supporters with tangible ways to take action within their own communities.

VoteWithMe, launched in September 2018, achieved wide adoption with over 200,000 downloads in 2 months and a slate of media coverage. This impressive track record is proof that citizens across the United States are hungry to take immediate steps to get tangibly involved with the organizations they support, and makes it a natural complement to our industry-leading platform, Team.

Since its creation, Team was designed to fit into pre-existing organizing structures. Team allows campaigns, nonprofits, and unions to build more engaged communities out of their supporters while updating their modes of outreach to include text, social media, and friend-to-friend contact. In 2018, Team was used by 40 (of 41) Democratic congressional races that won in Republic districts.

By bringing these products together, we’re opening up new possibilities for continued growth and success. VoteWithMe facilitated user-driven outreach that did not require organizers to directly catalyze supporters’ voter contact. We plan to learn from that and to create new ways of giving supporters a more self-directed voter contact experience that will make using Team even more impactful.

At their foundation, both tools are successful because they were built by activists and organizers, for activists and organizers. VoteWithMe was designed to be a direct-to-voter GOTV tool that helps supporters contact their friends. Team empowers organizers to build powerful digital communities while keeping campaign hierarchies, accountability structures, and scalability in mind – all in a way that makes organizers’ role easier. Together, these tools facilitate powerful voter-to-voter contact that will expand American democracy and bring new voices to the table.

Moving forward, you will find everything you need to build or join a digital community at The Tuesday Company. When you meet our products, you’ll engage with the best user experience and the most successful online organizing technology. By using these tools together, we are excited to help organizations build a strong, powerful community poised to take meaningful action.

To learn more, reach out to

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