Now In Team: Clipboard Canvassing

ClipboardCanvassingConversations don’t always happen online – they happen at street corners, churches, subway stations, and worksites too. That’s why we are thrilled to announce that Team now allows users to speak to anyone, anywhere, and get that data back to the cause, union, or candidate immediately.

The days of manually entering messy, handwritten data collected on paper are gone! Clipboard Canvassing empowers supporters on Team with an easy and efficient way to add new information directly into their organization’s  target universe within seconds.

With Clipboard Canvassing, Team Dashboard Administrators can prompt their supporters to conduct in-person canvassing to help ensure the organization’s message reaches the broadest possible audience. 

In the spirit of meeting people where they are, we built this new functionality for advocacy organizations looking to acquire new volunteers by empowering their existing Team users to have face-to-face conversations anywhere, anytime. 

Clipboard Canvassing answers the specific request of our electoral clients to make door knocking more efficient and effective. With this new feature, Team users can “reverse knock” in apartment complexes and neighborhoods with incomplete data we now suddenly have the ability to speak to everyone and record every interaction seamlessly. 

How will you use Clipboard Canvassing? Share your strategy with us @tuesdaycompany or Can’t wait to learn about your use case! 

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