Organizing during the coronavirus pandemic

The coronavirus is officially a pandemic.

The stock market saw its most significant single-day drop in more than two decades, the NBA season is suspended, Amazon is out of hand sanitizer, and the list of major events that were cancelled or moved online continues to grow.

The coronavirus crisis is a threat to civic engagement of all types and smart organizers are strategizing right now about how this pandemic will impact traditional grassroots mobilization efforts. Door knocking, rallies, and town halls are all excellent opportunities for a highly contagious illness to spread. To keep up momentum during this critical time, we have to think creatively and strategically about what civic engagement will look like without in-person interactions and events.

We are heartened to see the work our advocacy clients are doing to transform their 2020 strategies to be 100% digital first. For example, The Human Rights Campaign is shifting to meet volunteer interest nationwide by facilitating virtual volunteer engagement with Team by The Tuesday Company as the centerpiece of their organizing efforts. 

In the face of this evolving emergency, we are helping to lead the conversation around how campaigns and movements can sustain their momentum and engage their supporters during this public health crisis. We’ve put together a guide full of ideas for campaign strategists and advocacy practitioners at, and are building a community to share best practices. Please check it out and give feedback – we’d love to incorporate the creative measures you are taking, so that our movements may all progress together.

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