The Tuesday Company partners with Organizing Empowerment Project

Since our company’s beginning, we’ve operated with the assumption that the best practices of community organizing are rooted in trust. When passionate supporters talk to friends and family about the candidates or causes that they care about, they become trusted messengers who’s messages are able to cut through the noise to stand out.

This method of community outreach, also called relational organizing, helps organizations reach more supporters than ever before. Our digital community building tool, Team, brings relational programs into the digital space to scale this work. In order to build on the successes of past relational organization programs, The Tuesday Company is excited to announce our partnership with Organizing Empowerment Project. 

Organizing Empowerment Project’s goal is to help organizations understand relational organizing’s principles and help staffers apply these principles in their own work aligns with our commitment to make trust-based, digital community-building more accessible.

We are excited to form a partnership that studies, shares, and builds upon the best practices of relational organizing, and we are excited to learn from Organizing Empowerment Project’s wealth of experience. As part of our partnership, we are honored to join the Organizing Empowerment Project’s webinar series that trains organizers and staffers in the best practices of relational organizing techniques.

By working together, we strive to offer better resources to candidates and causes that believe trust-based organizing can positively impact their strategy to mobilize supporters and build long lasting communities and movements. Ultimately, we hope to make relational organizing strategies and tools accessible to any organization that wants to use them.

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