Now In Team: Friend-to-Peer Messaging

Friend-to-Peer messaging is now live in Team. From sharing an organization’s message to recruiting volunteers for upcoming events, we know that passionate supporters want to do everything they can to help. By permitting supporters to build and own new relationships with people in their communities, Friend-to-Peer takes digital organizing one giant leap forward. 

With Friend-to-Peer on Team, organizations can:F2P

  • Power social graphs: Dashboard Administrators can assign outreach targets to specific organizers and supporters based on interest, location, affinity group, etc.
  • Build long-term power: By activating supporters to own communication with specific outreach targets, your supporters can build deep relationships over time. This is the secret sauce for persuasion!
  • Reach target universes: Relational organizing requires that we recruit supporters from our community. With Friend-to-Peer on Team, your existing supporters can connect with your entire target audience.

Friend-to-Peer empowers supporters to reach out to new people in their communities about the candidates and causes that they care about. These messages come from real, personal phone numbers – not a burner number that is easy to ignore. Supporters can already use Friend-to-Friend functionality to mobilize people whom they already know, and Clipboard Canvassing for in-person contact. Data on how all these types of conversations went is available in the Team Dashboard and through direct data return. These three outreach methods make Team an organization’s action hub for organizing that is 20X more impactful than traditional cold outreach.

Once an organization chooses Team, we want organizers to focus on building the biggest possible program – that’s why Friend-to-Peer messages are unlimited and cost nothing to send. That’s right, Friend-to-Peer outreach on Team does not cost per text.

How will you use Friend-to-Peer messaging? Share your strategy with us on Twitter (@tuesdaycompany) or via We can’t wait to hear from you!

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