Thank you, America Votes!

We are proud to conclude the partnership with America Votes that made Team available to America Votes member organizations for free in 2020. We offered Team to America Votes members to help the organization figure out if relational organizing works, and if it can be implemented in a trackable way at scale. 

Our judges specifically sought to scale the work of organizations that already had supporters, and demonstrated the desire to acquire more through relational organizing. Winners of our initial RFP made clear their organizational priority to engage and activate supporters in order to create long-term movements. Here are some examples of how Team helped a few America Votes organizations scale their online organizing:

Ohio Environmental Council 

While in the midst of program transition due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the OEC worked to integrate Team into the goals and workflow of both field organizers and communications staff. The organization scaled content-sharing and friend-to-friend messaging around 2020 priority issues, making Team a foundational piece of their overall strategy.

Ohio Women’s Alliance 

This organization uses Team to communicate with and engage members around the census, primary voting, and other local issues. By continuing to use relational organizing to expand their base supporters, the Ohio Women’s Alliance is building a strong online community in full compliance with social distancing requirements that upended their 2020 strategy.

Red, Wine, and Blue

Red, Wine, and Blue used Team to recruit and mobilize a digital community of white, suburban women in Ohio. Through digital relational organizing, the organization aims to persuade this important Ohio voting block to vote for Democrats in November.

We are happy to announce that these organizations will continue to use Team as an important part of their 2020 work. 

Thank you

Special thank you to the folks in America Votes national leadership for helping us connect with state-based member organizations and assess the efficacy of relational organizing at scale. Additionally, we’re incredibly grateful to the state directors and data leadership for supporting the potential of relational organizing in Ohio, Colorado, Maine and other states – your strategic and operational support was key to the success of your members on Team.

Last but not least, we want to share another special thank you to our judges and advisors for their support in making our selection process fair and equitable. We are maximizing our impact because of you.

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